Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Ultrasound Provider Course

Medical Simulation Center has organized a Pediatric and Neonatal Critical Ultrasound  Provider Course Basic Level 1 Provider Course on May 7&8, 2015 with the participation of 23 OMSB Residents and doctors from different hospitals in Oman.

The course was highly interactive between the participants and the trainers and hands-on-trainings were included. The course began with an introduction followed by the following lectures:

 Ultrasound Physics and Knobology

 US physics and Knobology

 Vascular catheterization with US guidance

 Lung US- the basics and  Lung US-the pathology

 Adbominal US- Diaphragm and Airway

All the candidates were given the opportunity to have a hands-on-training for  Chest and Vascular Anatomy Abdoment  Daphragm Foreign body and Vascular phantom Echo .Positive commendations were given in the over-all evaluation of the course.