OMSB has launched the First Comprehensive Emergency Medicine Simulation Program on Tuesday October 9, at Simulation Center provided for 28 resident MDs in Emergency Medicine and it was supervised by four consultants in Emergency Medicine.

An introduction was given about the goals of this simulation program at the beginning of this training course. This program includes four simulation prototypes. The first model focuses on treating critical injuries, activating team work spirit, diagnosing and treating emergency cases with children, and how to deliver an efficient and organized medical care. This model uses highly advanced manikins which enable doctors to perform a full simulation on the injured. These highly advanced manikins simulate the whole human body in respect of respiration, natural and ailing sounds of the heart and vital signs.

The second model uses adult-like manikins which are perform upon for primary check up and administrating treatment and all the ER pressures. The third model includes Central line training for critical cases, and all training that is attached to it.  The fourth model trains the residents how to administrate Chest Tube that is used to extract internal bleeding.

Commenting on this program Dr. Muzna Al Sauafi, Resident Doctors Representative in Emergency Program in OMSB, said: ‘this program allows us to build the essential skills needed by doctors and specialists in Emergency Medicine. The feedback was promising from every party involved. We urge OMSB to conduct more training programs and we thank OMSB for giving us this chance.’